Conservatorships & Guardianships

The good news is that people are now living longer.  The sad news is that so often bodies outlive healthy functioning minds.  Age-related dementia robs a person of the ability to make sound decisions for the proper care of one's self.  Also, this can happen to a younger person as the result of a stroke, a serious illness or injury, and adverse reaction to medication...the list goes on and on.
When one is no longer able to care for one's self, it is important to have someone in place with the necessary authority to handle that person's financial and medical needs.  A previously executed durable power of attorney and health care proxy normally are sufficient.  However, if the disabled person no longer has the mental capacity to execute such instruments, then it will be necessary to have a Conservator appointed for them.
A Conservator is normally a spouse, child or other close relative of the disabled person whom the Court has designated to act on behalf of that person;  to assist that person by protecting their assets and by seeing that necessary medical care is provided to them.
Call Steve or Jennifer at 444-3299 if you think that someone you care about may be in need of such assistance. They will work with you in making sure that the proper steps are taken to transition into this role as easily and smoothly as possible.

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