Personal Injury

We provide skilled, professional legal counsel to injured people and family members who have suffered injuries or lost a loved one as a result of accidents involving pedestrians, cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles; wrongful death; and premises liability such as slipping and falling in a business establishment.

Wills & Estate Planning

When asked if they have a will, so many people reply, "No, but I have been meaning to get one."   To some, making a will is an uncomfortable thought;  to most, it is just something else they plan to get around to doing..."one day".


J. Stephen "Steve" Brown devotes a large amount of his practice to the administration of estates, whether multi-million in assets or just a couple of bank accounts.  He will sit down with you at the very beginning and thoroughly explain your rights, duties and obligations, as well as the rights of others that may be involved.

Conservatorships & Guardianships

When one is no longer able to care for one's self, it is important to have someone in place with the necessary authority to handle that person's financial and medical needs. If the disabled person no longer has the mental capacity to execute a power of attorney, then it will be necessary to have a Conservator appointed for them. Call us and we will work with you in making sure that the proper steps are taken to transition into this role as easily and smoothly as possible.

Incorporations & LLC

We have helped many business owners over the years regarding decisions involving the structuring, formation, and implementation of actions required of their particular business.  We can be of assistance from the ground up, or at a later time when action needs to be taken regarding an existing corporate or partnership entity.

Family Law

We have the experience to know that every family law case is different.  This is where our firm’s focus on our relationship with our client is especially important.  The approach that we use to analyze and work through your case emphasizes listening to what is important to you, and then discussing what potential options are available to protect your interests and achieve your goals based on the facts specific to your case.

Powers of Attorney

A durable general power of attorney is the normal instrument used to allow another person the right   to act on your behalf in regard to executing important legal documents should you later become unable to sign these documents yourself due to an accident, sickness or, most commonly, age-related frailties. To discuss situations where a power of attorney may be required please contact Steve or Jennifer at 615-444-3299.

Worker's Compensation

When you are injured in the workplace and having difficulties with your employer, you may feel a bit overwhelmed about the possibility of job loss, lost wages and the inability to support your family. You need J. Stephen Brown, he not only understands your situation but also has the experience to defend your rights on multiple fronts.

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